TItles: Fashion Designer, Photographer, Creative Director

Tony Peniche is a fashion designer/photographer from Portland, OR. and currently the creative director at Human Not Hollywood inc. 

Peniche started his career in the entertainment world, co-producing short films, commercials, music videos, and filming live concerts. By watching his sister make a name for herself, Tony was able to learn how to capture an audience by maintaining a consistent public image, continually stimulating the community, and how to avoid public mistakes. Tony claims that these life/business lessons are what gives him confidence throughout his career.

After being involved with fashion, film and entertainment from 2002-2006, Peniche created his first clothing line in 2007 and changed his public name to Tony Dimitri. His edgy men’s designs, editorial photography, and an eye for all things pop culture, helped launch him to one of Portland’s most recognizable designer names. After working in New York in 2008 with Jose Solis and Bill Blass New York, he became the youngest designer to ever show at Portland Fashion Week as he premiered the controversial brand “Killing Beverly.”       

The Killing Beverly brand was a bold shot at Hollywood after he blamed LA for the corruption of his idol sister (Celebrity Rehab star) Kari Ann Peniche. The brand was then featured on VH1, Howard Stern, and ironically worn by Hollywood’s A-listers. Quickly after two successful season, Tony took the natural next move into men’s couture and read-to-wear.

Over the last 4 years Tony “Dimitri” Peniche has shown his aggressive designs at more than 30 fashion shows, product placement in 5 TV shows, dressed red-carpet A-listers, and now is working to take that last big step into the competitive fashion world; going international. “I’ve basically been trying to hold off from taking investments because I didn’t want to get in over my head too early in my career. I wanted to learn, grow, and figure this thing out before pulling the trigger but these days I’m feeling really confident in my ability and think it’s time to go for it.” said Tony Peniche. He is currently seeking potential investors but says that there is no rush because he simply wants to do it right the first time rather than risk making any big mistakes.  

Currently Tony Peniche and his team are preparing for a Summer 2012 launch for the Fall 2012 season.


  1. Bullet 2/2/12 Follow-up mixer: Photography showcase photos from photo360events 

  2. Bullet 2/15/12 Attending Fashion Remix social mixer.

  3. Bullet2/19/12 Tony Peniche- photography showcase while shooting 40 models during the next photo360 event.



Inspired by the idea of a "Beautiful Rebellion" taking place in a post-apocalyptic environment where pride and confidence still remains and is displayed through the garments. Boots, euro-pants, sheer wool tops, fur coats, leather armor, and weapons. This 1st Peniche Fashion commercial is only the beginning of a series of commercials scheduled to be released bi-monthly and with all the segments put together, we will end up with something that looks like an artistic short film.




Photographer Shaun Mendiola wanted to capture the private moments of fashion designer Tony Dimitri Peniche. A lot of people get to see and understand the flash of the fashion industry but Shaun Mendiola captures the depth of the artist. This captures Tony Peniche's morning routine before he steps out into the world in pursuits of his dream.



This interview was filmed and produced during the audition process of a new fashion based reality show. While filming this I realized how blessed I have been along the way and really just how far I have come, thank you to all my friends and family who have helped by being my models, helped with photography, video, production planning, everyone and everything.